Solid waste management

The management of solid waste typically involves its collection, transport, processing and recycling or disposal.

Collection includes the gathering of solid waste and recyclable materials, and the transport of these materials, after collection, to the location where the collection vehicle is emptied. This location may be a material processing facility, a transfer station or a landfill disposal site.

Waste disposal today is done primarily by land filling or closure of existing dump sites. Modern sanitary landfills are not dumps; they are engineered facilities used for disposing of solid wastes on land without creating hazards to public health or safety, such as the breeding of insects and the contamination of ground water.

Solid waste management services provided by VDS:  

  1. Treatment of Municipal solid waste processing and disposal, which is also known as integrated waste management.
    - Hazardous waste management
    - Common incineration facilities
  2. Hazardous waste landfill
  3. Waste to energy
  4. Biomethanation from organic waste and generating renewable energy
  5. Composting (Vermi & Windrow composting)
  6. Specialized consultancy projects


NABARD’s KISHAN CLUB Program is being funded by NABARD from Nov 2010 to Mar 2014.    VDS formed 30 KISAN CLUB in three Blocks named Bhagwanpur, Bhadrabad, Roorkee of District Haridwar and provide training on capacity building and about new technologies. VDS Organized educational tours for KC members.   30 Kisan Clubs are formed and working well.


Formation of Self Help Group with the help of NABARD is in process since Oct 2010. VDS formed 50 SHG in block Bhagwanpur and Bhadrabad, made their accounts with banks as cash credit limit accounts.

Uttarakhand Himalayai Aajivika Sudhar Pariyojana-3

‘Uttarakhand  Himalayai  Aajivika  Sudhar  Pariyojana’ was supported by UPASAK, DPMU Chamoli in the month of Dec 2009. VDS organized training about production, certification, marketing and publicity of Bio-Compost and Organic Food in District Chamoli for 320 farmers of 09 villages.

Uttarakhand Himalayai Aajivika Sudhar Pariyojana-2

‘Uttarakhand  Himalayai  Aajivika  Sudhar  Pariyojana’ was supported by UPASAK, DPMU Uttarakhashi in the month of Nov 2009. VDS organized training about production, certification, marketing and publicity of Bio-Compost and Organic Food in District Uttarakhashi for 380 farmers of 12 villages. 

Uttarakhand Himalayai Aajivika Sudhar Pariyojana

‘Uttarakhand  Himalayai  Aajivika  Sudhar  Pariyojana’ (UPASAK) under DPMU, Bagaswer was undertaken in the month of Oct 2009. VDS organized training about production, certification, marketing and publicity of Bio-Compost and Organic Food  in District Bhageswar for 222 farmers of 8 villages.

FV Training

FV Training was organised with FVTRS and UDAAN ARSH between 2007 to May 2013. Functional and Vocational Training program was conducted for 320 male and female of the age group 15 to 35.

NPPCD Screening Camp

NPPCD Screening  Camp was organised with the support of UKHFWS, Haridwar in the months of Feb-Mar 2008. ENT Screening was organized in 6 Blocks of District Haridwar. Medicines were distributed to them and seriously ill patients were referred. 1150 patients were identified in the 12 camps.

Animal-Waste Availability Survey

Animal-Waste Availability Survey was conducted for Bharat Bio Urja limited, DDun between Sep 2008 to Dec 2008. VDS conducted survey for availability of animal waste. Total 120 villages of Bhagwanpur, Roorkee and Bhadrabad Blocks and 238 Dairy of Dehradun took part in the survey.


‘KISHOR- KISORI, PAHEL’  program was introduced by HIHT, PFI in the year of 2003 to 2006. VDS Organized different health  program of ‘Adolescents’  for about 8900 adolescents at Block Jaspur of District Udhamsingh Nagar.

NVS Training

NVS Training was offered to VDS by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Govt. Of india in May 2004. VDS Conducted 7-Day training program in five districts of Hills of Uttarakhand. There were 32 national volunteers of NYKS took part in the training.

Village Education Committee training (VECT)

Village Education Committee training (VECT)  program under DIET, Haridwar was executed from Aug 2003-Dec 2003. The program carried out some "one day training on ‘Quality Education’" in Haridwar district. Finlised Members of VECT in 35 villages of Bhagwanpur Block .

Training at PRD

Training at PRD, Haridwar was organised from Aug 2006-Dec 2006. One day capacity building training camp was organised in three blocks of District-Haridwar.    356 Gram- Pradhan and Panchayat Members took part in the training.

SAWJAL, DPMU, Haridwar

Sector Reform project by SAWJAL  DPMU, Haridwar was undertaken in 2003. Base line survey of 12  villages of Bhagwanpur Block of District Hardiwar was done as per study provided and conducted a awareness program about ‘Total sanitation Campaign’.

Uttara Bio-Compost & Organic Food Markting

This Project was managed by Uttarakhand Organic commodity Board (UOCB) from June 2002 to Mar 2010. VDS organized training  on production, certification, marketing and publicity of Bio-Compost and Organic Food.

Integrated Water Development Program (IWDP)

This project was offered to VDS by Integrated Water Development Program (IWDP), Shivalik Hills II, Rishikash in Nov-Dec 2002. VDS organized training, survey and reporting of various aspects of the water problems in the area. 288 farmers of 11 villages were benefitted with this program.

GT Zed Survey

GT Zed Survey for GT Zed and HARC was done by VDS from Oct 2007 to March 2008. A base line survey was conducted for sustainable Agriculture in the 300 families of 30 villages.


Formation of Self Help Group (SHG)

VDS Formed 50 Self Help Groups (SHG) in the villages of block Bhagwanpur under DRDA, Haridwar from Aug 2004-Mar 2006. VDS helped in making their 28 cash credit limit accounts with the bank.

Training, Monitoring & Evaluation

"Training, Monitoring & Evaluation" under Uttarakhand Biofuel Board, Dehradun was conducted between July 2008 to March 2009.  Organized training on Jatropa Plantation in  Narendernagar Forest Division of District-Tiheri. VDS monitorised and evaluated the plantation in 25 Van Panchayats.

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