Solid waste management

The management of solid waste typically involves its collection, transport, processing and recycling or disposal.

Collection includes the gathering of solid waste and recyclable materials, and the transport of these materials, after collection, to the location where the collection vehicle is emptied. This location may be a material processing facility, a transfer station or a landfill disposal site.

Waste disposal today is done primarily by land filling or closure of existing dump sites. Modern sanitary landfills are not dumps; they are engineered facilities used for disposing of solid wastes on land without creating hazards to public health or safety, such as the breeding of insects and the contamination of ground water.

Solid waste management services provided by VDS:  

  1. Treatment of Municipal solid waste processing and disposal, which is also known as integrated waste management.
    - Hazardous waste management
    - Common incineration facilities
  2. Hazardous waste landfill
  3. Waste to energy
  4. Biomethanation from organic waste and generating renewable energy
  5. Composting (Vermi & Windrow composting)
  6. Specialized consultancy projects

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